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Macramé Easter Bunny Tutorial

Have you seen these little cuties all over Pinterest and Etsy and wondered how to make them? Well, I've designed a really simple method that you can try, using one simple knot - the Half Hitch. Here's how you do it...

two macrame bunny decorations in pink and cream
Macrame bunny decorations for Easter

To make one macramé bunny you will need:

  • 5m of 5mm-thick macramé cord

  • One 3" wooden ring

  • Scissors


Fold the cord in half and loop it under the ring, pulling the ends through to make a Lark's Head knot. Holding the right-hand cord straight, loop the left-hand cord over it and pull the length carefully through the loop to make a Half Hitch knot. Don't let the right-hand cord bend or twist - pull it straight and gently slide the loop onto it. Repeat to tie another Half Hitch knot.


Tie a chain of 20 Half Hitch knots. You will find that the cord naturally curves into a bunny ear shape! Bring the ends down to meet your first Larks Head knot at the top of the ring. Pull both ends over and through the ring. Wrap the left-hand cord around the ring and over the top of the two cords.


Bring the right-hand cord around and loop it back over the ring in a Half Hitch knot. Pull it tight, trapping the left-hand cord against the ring. This cord will rest against the ring and be hidden inside the next series of Half Hitch knots which will go all the way around the ring. So, holding the ring and the hidden cord firmly, loop the working cord over the ring again to tie another Half Hitch. This second knot will hold the first knot firmly in place and it will be easier to work from this point. If you have to fiddle with this and do it a couple of times to get it right, that's fine. It takes a bit of practice. Now tie another Half Hitch, and another and so on, keeping that hidden cord against the outside edge of the ring.


Stop before you get all the way round. Bring the hidden cord out and up to form the second ear. Take the working cord UNDER the ring instead of over and tie a Half Hitch that will trap both cords to match the Larks Head knot on the other side. Now use the long, hidden cord to tie a Half Hitch onto the short cord. Tie a chain of 20 knots.


As before, bring the two cords over the ring and pull them through to the back. Wrap the left-hand cord behind the ring, then through to the front and take it over the two cords. Bring the right-hand cord behind the ring and up, holding it straight. Tuck the first cord between the ears so that it sits at a right-angle to the upright cord. Turn the whole thing over so that you can see the back of your design. Loop the horizontal cord around the upright cord to tie a Half Hitch and finish your design.


Finally, make a hanging loop by splitting the two cords into three pieces and plaiting them. It's nice to do this because the cords can really begin to unravel as you work with them so this (literally) ties up any loose ends.

Finish the top with a neat knot or a wrap of colourful thread.

We share how to tie a wrap in our macrame key ring post which you can read here.



If you like this project and fancy having a go at one of our kits, here are some of our bestsellers. They come with full instructions and all the cord you need to complete the project. Plus free UK delivery.


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