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Make macramé wrap tassels.

Don't throw away your un-used macramé ends and tangled embroidery threads, make these quick and easy tassels instead. They make great key rings or zip charms.

Make colourful wrap tassels to brighten up your bags

To make one wrapped tassel you will need:

  • Two 22cm lengths of 5mm-thick single-twist macramé cord

  • 5 x 50cm lengths of embroidery silk in a mix of colours

  • Key ring loop

  • Ruler

  • Scissors

  • Comb


Lay the two pieces of thick macramé cord out next to each other. Place three of the embroidery silks on top of the cord about 6cm away from the ends and use the fourth piece to secure all of the threads together by tying a tight knot.


Take that fourth thread and wrap it tightly and neatly around the bunch of cords and embroidery threads, trapping the short end under the wraps. Wrap it around a few times to start your design.


Holding the wrap tight, let go of the first thread and pick up another colour thread. Continue to wrap with this colour, ensuring that the first thread is caught underneath. Keep repeating this with each of the colours. Try to make some of the wraps shorter or longer to create a more interesting pattern.


When the coloured wrapped section is around 5cm long, tie off the last thread with a simple slip knot.


Thread the key ring loop onto the cord. Bend the cord so that the coloured wraps line up at the bottom.


Take the remaining, fifth length of coloured thread and make a loop in one end. Place this loop on top of the cords, holding them in a bunch. Wrap the length of the thread firmly over the bunch, trapping the loop underneath, to bind the two halves together. Thread the end of the fifth thread through the loop and keep hold of it as you pull gently on the other end of the thread to pull the loop up under the wraps.


Now all you need to do is brush out the macramé cord into a pleasing tassel and trim it. These tassels add a fabulous splash of colour when attached to a pencil case or bag.

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Thank you for reading

Katie x



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