Woven Dreamcatcher Blue

Woven Dreamcatcher Blue


Discover the ancient art of weaving and make a gorgeous, contemporary wall hanging for your home.


This kit contains a 6" wooden hoop, cotton warp thread, taupe yarn, blue yarn, cream tubular yarn, cream crochet yarn, a weaving needle (suitable for children and adults) and some soft merino wool fibres. Everything you need to make this pretty dreamcatcher.


For video instructions, check out our tutorials page and follow us @berginandbath for even more inspiration. Join the club at the bottom of the page for monthly craft downloads, ideas and members-only offers!


*exact colours of materials may change ever so slightly.

  • Tips for using this kit

    The kit comes with step-by-step instructions for preparing your hoop and a stitch guide to inspire your weaving. How you weave your design is totally up to you! For lots of other tips and inspiration, check out our tutorials page or follow us @berginandbath on Instagram or Facebook.

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