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How to make mini macrame angel decorations for Christmas

Add to your handmade festive home decor with these cute macrame angel decorations. Hang them on your Christmas tree or use them as tags on your gift wrapping - they look so pretty! Here's how you make them...


  • 4m of cord or yarn (we used 1.5mm single twist cotton cord but you could try wool or string too)

  • Some coordinating cord for hair (we used a metallic gold)

  • Key ring loop

  • Ruler

  • Scissors

  • Large wooden bead

Before you start, measure and cut 17 lengths of cord at 20 cm each and one at 40 cm.


Fold a piece of 20cm cord in half, keeping both ends even. Place the loop under the key ring. Keeping the ends together, feed them through the loop and then pull it tight. Add all of the cords in the same way including the longer, 40cm length for hanging.


Keep the long length separate. Begin brushing the other cords out. Brush until you have a neat fringe. Turn it over to brush both sides.

As you brush it, draw down the fringe either side of the hanging loop to create a chevron shape.


Count and separate four knots either side of the hanging loop and brush these out to make them flat.

Using sharp scissors, cut the fringe into two neat wings. You might like to place your ruler over the fringe to make cutting a bit easier.


Slide a wooden bead onto the hanging loop and tie an overhand knot in the top.


Cut a 20cm length of coordinating cord for the hair and tie this above the bead, around the hanging loop.

Brush the fibres out and then snip the ends to create her hair.


Spray a little starch or hairspray over the angel to help the fibres stiffen. Let it dry for a few minutes, turn it over and spray the other side. Finally, brush out the skirt and trim it neatly.


This little angel is actually one of the designs in our macrame decorations kit, which contains enough cord, key rings, beads and photographic instructions to make 8 different festive designs for your tree. It costs £18. You can buy it here with free shipping in the UK or here for worldwide shipping.


If you enjoyed this project and fancy having a go at one of our other macrame kits, we have plenty for beginners in our shop . They all contain the cord and accessories you need plus detailed photographic instruction cards. All you need to grab is a ruler, a comb and some sharp scissors.

Happy crafting,

Rachel x


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