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Macrame tassel wall hanging tutorial

Who would have thought this stylish wall hanging could be so simple? Here's how to make it in five easy steps...


  • Some single-twist, 5mm macrame cord.

  • Sharp scissors.

  • Wooden beads in various sizes - look for those with large holes.

  • A small brush or comb - cat slicker brushes work really well.

  • A long straight stick. The best ones are those cut from a tree rather than found on the ground. Make sure you have permission.


Cut a 60cm length of cord, put the two ends together and wrap some sellotape around them. Thread on your wooden beads and slide them down to form a loop.


Take a rectangle of card (ours was 14cm x 20cm) and wrap your cord around it five times. Cut through the cords where the two ends meet so that you have five identical lengths. Pull these through the loop and tighten it.


Take a 60cm length of cord and make a loop in one end. Place this over the tassel and wrap the long end over the loop four times. Thread the end through the loop. Pull the top tail up to draw the loop under the binding. Snip away the tail at the top of the binding.


When binding, make sure your long (wrapping) tail is longer than the tassel lengths so that it can be combined during the brushing stage.


Brush the cord until you have a soft, plush fringe and then tidy the ends with your sharp scissors. Repeat to make different sized tassels. We created three sizes by wrapping the cord either five, ten or fifteen times around the card.


Using an overhand knot, tie your tassels onto your stick. Take your time to decide on the various lengths to create a pleasing overall shape to your design. Brush and snip your tassels once on the wall. A squirt of starch will help it stay perfect.


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