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10 beautiful fonts to inspire you in 2019

Typography is really rather important to us here at Bergin and Bath. Choosing the wrong font can turn your stylish layout into a dog's dinner. I was thinking of the hours we spend trawling through fonts to find the perfect lettering for our projects and I thought it would be nice to share some of our favourite finds here so that you can appreciate them as much as we do!

So here is a round up of the fonts, old and new, that we have been loving this year…

1. Spinwerad. This high-contrast serif font has serious style. It's romantic, smart and contemporary with the class of a vintage MG. Just look at those curves! It has a full set of glyphs and is multilingual too.

We picked this for a set of journal pages but it would be equally sumptuous on a wedding invitation or some luxe packaging.

2: Core Circus. I guarantee that you will have seen this retro-cool font this year. It's a huge family with loads of customisable variations that is equally Art Deco and 80's urban with a theatrical twist.

3: Prisma. Another vintage typeface, which dates back to 1931 when Rudolf Koch designed it for the Klingspor Foundry in Offenbach am Main. Back then it consisted of basic capitals and figures only and was used in posters and headlines. It has been extended and improved for the modern age and we are loving it.

4: Seravak Light. Our corporate font is clean and simple but with a little quirky edge, and is our Art Director Katie's favourite, which is why we use it all over our branding. Try it for body text with a touch of elegance – when you want a classic look but without the showiness of a traditional serif font.

5: Bebas. This badass, caps only condensed sans serif, designed by Ryoichi Tsunekawa, is a great font for headlines that carry a certain seriousness while giving readers the sense that they could be at the start of something exciting. That's a pretty good superpower (if fonts had superpowers).

6: Autery. A cheeky little calligraphy font that dances around the page with utter joy. There are a lot of cursive fonts out there, believe me, and this one actually makes us happy.

We were looking for hand-drawn fonts for a recent craft product and this one

came top of the list.

7: Julius Sans One. A beautiful, lightweight sans serif font from the Chilean type foundry LatinoType. Designed by Luciano Vergara. It has an ancient Roman feel to it but not in a dusty way. We love this timelessly sophisticated typeface, particularly the letter Q!

8: Trajan Pro. This well-balanced serif font dates back to 1989 when Carol Twombly created it for the Adobe Originals program. It was inspired by classic letterforms of the past, which is why it is such a popular font for movie posters! We have turned to it again and again this year when searching for historical yet stylish lettering.

9: Giorgio. A contemporary sans serif with an interesting and unusual lowercase. It's a fresh and futuristic font that's not just for robots.

10: Perpetua. A grand old lady of type that first graced the pages of newspapers back in 1929. She may be getting on a bit but she is still as beautiful as ever and will ensure your body text has a distinguished air that leaves readers feeling like they're in good hands.

Well, that's enough inspiration for one day! Let us know if you enjoyed reading about our favourite fonts and tell us which is your favourite typeface.

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