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Make a felt cloud brooch

Brighten up a rainy day with this sweet cloud pin project. It looks so pretty when you add beaded raindrops. And it makes a thoughtful gift for someone who’s feeling blue.

You will need:

  • Some scraps of flat felt fabric

  • Embroidery floss - we used pale blue, pink, navy and white

  • A handful of small beads

  • Craft glue

  • A sewing needle

  • Scissors

  • Some stuffing - synthetic wadding, wool fibre or cotton wool


Draw a simple cloud shape as a template and cut it out. Place it over two pieces of felt to cut out two identical cloud shapes. Cut two small, pink felt circles for cheeks.

If you want to use my design, you can download the image below.


Split your embroidery floss and work with three strands to stitch in the details: eyes, mouth and cheeks. We used a very small running stitch. You might want to draw the details on with pencil first.


Using two strands of pale blue floss, tie a knot and thread a little bead on. Tie another knot and thread a second bead on. Repeat to make five beaded strands. Lay them on the blank cloud shape and apply glue so that they will be trapped inside the cloud.


A dot of glue on each knot will stop the beads from slipping.


Once the glue has dried, use small running stitches to join the front and back. Stop about 2cm before the close and poke some stuffing inside. Get into the grooves with the end of a pencil. Finish stitching it up.


Sew a brooch pin onto the back of the cloud carefully, using a small needle. Pull the stitches tight so that the pin doesn’t wiggle and tie it off securely.

With scraps of coloured felt, you can make all sorts of pretty gifts and accessories in no time at all. Bring your imagination to life! I hope you enjoyed this little project.

Happy crafting,

Rach x



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