Macramé Feather Natural

Macramé Feather Natural


Macramé is a very old craft that involves knotting rope to make structures, ornaments and useful things too! This sumptuous feather design is absolutely brilliant for beginners as it involves quite a simple knotting process and lots of lovely, relaxing brushing. Inside your kit you will find the very best quality macramé rope. The finished feather decoration can be hung on the wall to brighten up a gloomy corner and bring a little boho chic to your home.

  • Tips for using this kit

    We recommend that you use some spray starch to set your finished feather. This is readily available in supermarkets and online and is jolly useful for keeping your shirt collars stiff too! If you don't want to use starch, this is absolutely fine. We have experimented with and without, and your feather will still hang beautifully if left unstarched. You may need to comb it occasionally if it gets ruffled.

    Some very sharp scissors are recommended for any macramé projects. It's also handy to have a long ruler and a comb. Small pet combs and brushes work really well.

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