Needle Felted Hedgehog Kit

Needle Felted Hedgehog Kit


Make a little needle felted hedgehog that fits perfectly in your hand.


A great introduction to the art of needle felting, this hedgehog kit is perfect for beginners. Needle-felting is a brilliant mess-free craft for creative people of all ages. And the finished creature makes a wonderful gift or mascot for someone you love.


Inside the kit you will find soft wool fibres, a specialist needle, a pair of glass eyes and clear photographic instructions to help you complete the project easily.


All you need to get started is a comfy armchair, a pot of tea and a soft surface to work on. A sponge or cushion will do.


For video instructions, check out our tutorials page and follow us @berginandbath for even more inspiration. Join the club at the bottom of the page for monthly craft downloads, ideas and members-only offers!

  • Tips for using this kit

    ALWAYS WORK ON A SPONGE! Any old kitchen sponge will do but it's very important to protect your table surface and prevent your needle from breaking. Plus the sponge allows you to create flat, felted pieces.

    STORE YOUR NEEDLE SAFELY! Your needle-felting needle is very, very sharp and quite brittle so always store it in a pin cushion, your felting sponge or back in the kit box. Please keep it out of the reach of children.

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