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Dried flower wreath tutorial

Gather some string and some dried grasses and flowers and find out how to make this rustic woven design for your handmade home.

dried flowers woven through string in a metal ring

You will need:

  • A metal ring

  • 5m of string

  • A pair of scissors

  • Dried grasses and flowers

You can collect your own grasses and flowers and hang them upside down in a dry, dark place for a week or have a look in your local florist's as they usually stock a very pretty selection.

String is wrapped from right to left over the ring, then looped again in the same way with the end of the string coming down through the loop


Tie one end of the string to the ring and take the other end directly across to the other side. Wrap the string around the ring, loop it over once more and down through the loop.

The string is back up next to the first knot and being wrapped over the ring from right to left


Pull it tight and then take the string back to the other side and wrap it over the ring next to your original knot.

the string has been wrapped from right to left again and the end is coming down through the loop


Loop it over the ring once more and pull the string down through the loop, just as you did on the other side. Pull it tight.

string has been looped back and forth across a metal ring 20 times


Repeat to wind your string back and forth across the ring until you’re happy with the effect. Tie the other end of the string tightly to the ring and cut off any excess string.


Weave a dried flower stem under the first string, over the next and then under, over, under all the way down. Trim the stem to fit within the ring. Weave in the next stem, this time go over, under, over, under. Repeat this alternating pattern to weave the other stems in. Trim them all to size.

dried flowers are woven into the string

you can see a close up of the oven stems in the string


Check the previous stem to make sure you weave it in the opposite way - so if you went over, under with your previous stem, then go under, over with your next stem and so on. This will trap the stems tightly in place.

This dried flower wreath tutorial is a wonderful way to display pretty grasses collected on a day out. It's also a great way to tune into nature and brighten up a dreary wall at the same time! We hope you enjoy this project.

Happy crafting,

Rach x



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