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Easy autumnal wreath

I don't think wreaths should be saved just for Christmas! I love coming across the warm welcome of a door wreath in spring or autumn when its not expected. This wreath is so easy and satisfying to make and is just what you need to brighten up your home during the darker autumn months. Nothing special is needed and it is a good excuse to go out for a lovely long walk where you can pick up all the leaves you need to make this little beauty.

You will need:

  • An 80cm length of firm garden wire.

  • Wire cutters

  • A large pile of leaves

  • Ribbon


Collect a large pile of leaves. The richer and brighter the colours the better as they will fade a little.

Try and avoid leaves that are too dry as they will just crumble.


Shape the wire into a rough hoop. Make a little loop at one end.


Gather a small bundle of leaves, keeping the stalks together. Pierce the centre of the leaves with the wire and thread them onto the hoop. Repeat with all of the leaves.


When the hoop is full of leaves, thread the end of the wire back through the little loop and tie it off. Clip off any excess wire.


Finish the wreath by tying some sumptuous ribbon over the join in the wire. Now it is ready to hang on your front door to cheer up passers-by.

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Thank you for reading

Katie x

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