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Fancy making realistic flowers out of paper?

Paper flowers are a hot trend in crafting right now, having migrated to the UK from China and America. These biodegradable blooms are growing in popularity as an alternative to plastic ones. And so plenty of crafters are starting to build successful businesses providing these sought-after faux flowers to the wedding and events industries.

The process is simple, relaxing and creative in equal measure, which ticks all the boxes when it comes to being one of the most mindful hobbies we have found. If you love flowers, you will love this craft!

How does it work?

The difficult part is designing the template. Katie and I start by studying the real flower, making some sketches and then playing around with crépe paper to explore how it stretches and folds. Each design goes through a process of refinements and adjustments before we find the perfect-sized template and petal-shaping technique.

We use floristry wire to form the stems of the flowers and waxed floristry tape to bind the petals to the wire. A hot glue gun is an essential tool for making paper flowers that will last, and we have a few available in our shop for those that are keen to take this up as a hobby.

Would you like to have a go?

All you need to get started are some sharp scissors, a clear space on the table, and a nice cuppa. If you have some felt tip pens, or a watercolour tin, then you can have some fun decorating your petals to bring them to life. We provide everything else you need to make the flowers in our kits.

We have three kits in our range and hope to develop more if they are popular. We chose a big, blousy peony, a small bunch of multi-coloured anemones and a posy of pretty pink cosmos. All of the flowers together make a gorgeous arrangement.

Each kit comes with a bespoke template, heavy crépe paper in pretty natural tones, specialist floristry tape and wires, plus full step-by-step instructions.



A little inspiration from around the internet...

These paper flower artists are well worth following on instagram if you want to learn more about the world of paper flowers, they are true masters of the craft and


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