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Sweet Dreams - Make your own lavender bags

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

I used to think that lavender was an old lady's fragrance but recently I've grown to love its calming aroma...either that or I'm now an old lady?!! Anyway, this year the lavender plant outside my house was magnificent. It was bursting with purple blooms and buzzing with bees.

With the summer at an end it seemed criminal to just cut it back and not do anything with such a bounty of sweet smelling flowers. Lavender and lavender oil has been renowned for centuries for its medicinal properties, everything from healing burns and bug bites to helping anxiety and insomnia. I decided to use my bundle to make some little lavender bags, simple to make and perfect popped under a pillow to help you sleep.

You will need:

  • Dried lavender.

  • Fabric off cuts.

  • Needle and thread.

  • Sewing machine (or you could hand sew)


Allow the cut lavender to dry out completely before rubbing the flower buds off the stem into a bowl. You will need a good handful of lavender buds for each bag.


Cut two rectangles of fabric the same size and place them right side together. You could use fabric samples or use a cut up old shirt or skirt. The bags can be any size you like, the ones I made were around 13cm x 9cm but they can be much smaller if you don't have lots of lavender. Machine sew all around the edge leaving a 3cm gap.


Turn the bag the right way round by pushing the fabric back through the gap you left. A pencil is helpful to push out the corners.


Iron the bags before filling with the lavender buds. Fill the bags up completely, this is fiddly but it smells great!!


Hand sew up the gap with a neat ladder stitch.


Pop under your pillow before bed, breathe deeply and drift off into a restful, soothing sleep.

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Thank you for reading

Katie x

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