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Make Easy Macramé Bunting

The perfect addition to any garden party or boho décorating scheme, this bunting is so easy to make it's perfect for beginners.

If you're a macramé addict, read on to find out how you make this simple, gorgeous bunting. Or, if you like, we have everything you need to make it in a handy kit, which is now on sale in our store!

If you'd like a little more instruction and all the materials in one neat box, then the kit has all the materials, beads and much more in-depth step-by-step cards that take you through all of the knots. Order it here.

First of all, choose colours that go with your new garden scheme. I've gone with a palette of four colours: cream, coral, teal and navy. Or, if you want to create a clean, natural look, you could do them all in one simple colour. It's totally up to you!

Decide how long you want it to be and then cut a length of cord for your bunting flags to hang from. Top Tip: wrap some sellotape around the end of this long cord - it will make threading the beads on much easier!


  • FOR EACH FLAG: 420cm of 4mm macramé cord.

  • We created 2 flags in each colour and so needed 840cm of each. That works out at 35m in total (including the hanging cord).

  • 2.5cm wooden beads with large holes. We used 10 beads in a 2m length of bunting.

  • Some sharp scissors

  • A brush


Leave around 30cm at one end of your hanging cord and tie a simple knot. Thread a wooden bead onto the cord and slide it up to the knot. Secure it with a second knot. For each flag, cut your cord into 6 lengths of 70cm. Attach them to the hanging cord using reverse larks head knots.


Separate the first four strands on the left and tie a square knot. Repeat to tie two more square

knots along the top.


Put aside the first two strands on the left and tie another two square knots. You should have two strands left on the right hand side, put this aside.


Take the middle four strands and tie one more square knot to make the point of your flag.


Take the left-hand strand and lay it diagonally over the other strands towards the point. Take the second strand and loop it twice over, making a clove hitch knot.


Continue tying diagonal clove hitch knots until you reach the centre of the point. Then repeat on the other side. Tie two more diagonal rows underneath the first.


Trim off the long ends and brush them out to make a fringe. Then, using sharp scissors, cut a neat point into your fringe.


Tie another knot a little further along the hanging cord and slide another bead on. Repeat to make another flag and so on until you are happy with the length!

I hope you have fun making this project. And if you would like a little extra help, do get in touch any time:

Look out for lots more garden décor ideas in our up-coming posts.

Have fun, Rach xx


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